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Phone Plans

Phone Plans


Welcome to Social7Mobile.com where we have partnered up with LifeMobile and Solavei along with some of the leading phone companies to bring you the best deals on wireless phone services. We currently have the top competitors in our company that agreed to help us get you the best deals on phone services.

Not only are they the best deals but we are also going to show you how to get this same service from them FREE!

You will have the same quality of service from them but will pay nothing each month.

I have two great companies you can choose from with both of them offering to give you your phone service for free. That is Solavei and Lifemobile. Here is a quick comparison:


Solavei is currently newest of phone services
and is doing well in getting signups.
With their service you get the following:

-$55.00 Month Unlimited Voice, Data, Text
and 4GB of Web.
-They only use T-mobile towers so your
customer has to have a T-mobile or
a AT&T unlocked phone to work on their
-Free Website
-payout through a debit card they give you.
-You have to refer 9 people and your phone is
-For every 3 people you sign up you get $20
a month.
I am currently using Solavei and Lifemobile
and I am getting my service free with Solavei
because I started with their service first.
I got with Lifemobile to offer more services
to my customers and friends who did not
want to switch to T-mobile or have to
purchase a new phone just to get on my
phone service that I was offering. But I like
them both.

Click here to get your phone service for $55.00 a month with Solavei




LifeMobile is slightly older than Solavei but offers alot more. But again, each has its pros and cons.

-Plans start from $12 up to $60 depending on which carrier you use. 

-They have over 12 carriers to choose from

-Refer 3 people and your phone is FREE!

-$30 a month for your sales website and back office until your refer 3 people then its FREE!

-Many more payout bonuses than Solavei but your check comes in the mail instead of a debit card.

-they also offer many other phone accessories to be sold and commissioned from.

Below is a list of phone service providers they have to offer.

Also if you still unsure which is right for you then give me a call so I can help you make the right choice. Call 972-957-7897 ask for Steven.


(Click Image to Enlarge) Yes they offer Solavei too!


tmobile phone plan












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Lets Get Started!



I am interested in the opportunity to receive FREE Service and Make Money.


I just want the Phone Plan.


 Learn More About Our Business Through Our LifeMobile Link Below


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